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USPS Shipping Standard

For orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the continental USA, please contact us by phone, 971-235-8390, or via e-mail, to determine the shipping cost. Thank you!

Books to make your fishing and tying more enjoyable and effective

Introductory information followed by step-by-step details with illustrations and photographs will walk you through the learning process, whether you want to tie beautiful flies that catch fish or hunt bonefish and other species in tropical settings.

Bonefishing CoverBonefishing!

You simply cannot find a more comprehensive book about bonefish and bonefishing anywhere. Stunning photos by Brian O'Keefe and beautiful illustrations by Mike Stidham will delight you each time you turn a page.




Fly Patterns CoverFly Patterns

Over 4,000 patterns, each with a photograph, dressing, and comments. The extensive index makes it easy to find the pattern you want to tie.

A complimentary copy of the B/W First Edition of either Tying Dry Flies or Fly Tyers Nymph Manual will be included when you order Fly Patterns.



Tying Nymphs CoverTying Nymphs

Following ten introductory chapters to get you started, there are 25 pattern chapters. Each chapter will teach you a new technique and a more complex pattern. The pattern directory has individual photos and dressings for 126 additional patterns.




Tying Dry Flies CoverTying Dry Flies

Seven introductory chapters, plus bonus chapters that explain proportions, hackle, and tying with speed and efficiency. Each of the 26 pattern chapters will add a new technique and teach you to tie a new pattern or group of patterns. In addition to the pattern directory, there are chapters on untying flies to learn more techniques and about landing and releasing fish.



Fly Tying Made Easy CoverFly Tying Made Easy

An introduction to fly tying, with techniques applied to a wide range of patterns. Five chapters cover materials, techniques, and weighting flies; they are followed by detailed chapters covering nymphs, streamers, and dries.




A complimentary copy of Fly Tying Made Easy will be included with every book order.