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About Western Fisherman's Press and Randall Kaufmann

Randall Kaufmann began tying flies at 14 and turned professional a year later. He spent summers tying thousands of dozens of flies and fished as often as possible. Less than 10 years later, he and his brother Lance and their mother, Oda, opened a fly shop called Kaufmann's Streamborn that grew into a worldwide fly fishing supply enterprise.

Randall learn to tie with speed and efficiency, helping set the standard for commercial tying operations. He has always been willing to share what he's learned, starting with the Fly Tyers Nymph Manual, which was replaced by an expanded and updated version titled Tying Nymphs. Following that success, he wrote and photographed the step-by-step photos for Tying Dry Flies. He co-authored Lake Fishing and Flies with Ron Cordes, sharing his wealth of experience fishing lakes.

Bonefishing with a Fly
taught anglers how to fish for these very special tropical fish, and Bonefishing! added color photographs and illustrations plus chapters on other targets in beautiful tropical settings to expand the learning process.

To bring easily-understood fly tying to all tyers, Randall prepared Fly Tying Made Easy. After preparing two pattern directories for Umpqua Feather Merchants, Randall and his wife Mary collected and photographed over 4,000 fly patterns for Fly Patterns.

Today, Randall and Mary split their time between their home in Tigard, Oregon and Moose, Wyoming, with trips to fly fishing destinations around the world.